What I Do

I help firms implement evidence-based strategies for global communications:

Global English Editing

I provide Global English editing-as-a-service for companies on a contract basis. My editorial work is thorough, fast, and powerful.

In addition to dramatically improving your content while cutting your localization costs, I also write a thorough evaluation of the content from a global communications perspective so that you can improve as a communicator.

Global English Training

  I teach Global English and evidence-based communications skills to individuals and groups. I’ve taught over 15 courses in the last 10 years—read some testimonials from my students below.

My goal: To enable everyone who takes my courses to understand Global English so thoroughly that writing in it becomes natural.

Global Communications Consulting

  Critically evaluating communications across your firm, I work to improve your content quality, reduce content costs, and improve internal and external communications.

My unique consulting methodology is the first to apply the management theories of Clayton Christensen to communications.

Here's what people have said about my work:

The Global English course exceeded my expectations. I found the discussions on clarity and Global English to be particularly relevant to our team. In our written communications, it is challenging to ensure we are getting across the intended meaning. I would find ongoing training and discussions on Global English to be beneficial.

Perfect slide content (i.e., the right amount of good tips, clearly presented), perfect pacing, and perfect audio! I loved this presentation! I am a tech writer, reporting in to a Localization department. Many of your tips had been shared within the department before, but your detailed list of prepositions that can be vague was helpful. It was also new to me that Chinese does not use passive voice for academic writing. I learned many other things. Thank you.

Overall great course! I wish it had been two days instead of one!

I was very appreciative of the hands-on learning applications, the group discussions, and the overall organization of the course.

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